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General Fundraising for Grassroots Nonprofits

  1. Fundraising and Communications writing

  2. Volunteer recruitment and management

  3. Development strategic planning

  4. Selecting and organizing the right database for your organization

Event Planning Services for Small and Medium Nonprofits

Karin Turer’s event portfolio includes:

  1. Academic events from panel discussions to commencements

  2. Gala events from grassroots “barn dances” to formal 400-guest dinners

  3. Culinary events from international tasting nights to monthly dinners

  4. Athletic events from multi-day tours to a 400+ participant Bike Festival

Karin Turer’s events achieve organizational goals beyond pure fundraising, including:

  1. Donor and volunteer recognition

  2. Increased donor base

  3. Reconnecting with previous donors

  4. Introducing new constituencies to organization

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fundraising and event services for grassroots organizations

Karin Turer



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